My speaking goals for '16

It's not a real goal until you write it down

Posted by Joel Lord on November 21th, 2015

I've just decided that this blog would not only be about technical stuff. I will add some bits about me from time to time. Here is one little blog piece about myself. In order for me to progress as a public speaker, I feel that I need to set myself some speaking goals. Here they are.

Local goals

For the next year, I would like to talk in at least 2 local conferences. Local is a bit of a strech. The number of Javascript conferences is limited in the Ottawa region so I will include Montreal and Toronto to the list of locals.


There is a local meetup that has a great community around it. If you have never heard of Ottawa Javascript, look them up. I will try to have at least 2 talks there (or in another meetup/user group) this year.


Finally, I'd really want to give a talk in another country. This would have to be in a city that I have never visited.