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Change the Language in Auth0 Login Screen

Following a question I got at Confoo, here is a quick hack to change the language on the Auth0 login screen

Environment variables in Node

You probably have some differences between your production and development environments. Here is a quick tip on how to differentiate between both.

ES8 features in JS

Now that you mastered all those new ES6 features, you shouldn't stop. Keep up to date with the lastest ES8 features.

Machine Learning in JS

Machine learning can seem like a complex subject but really, it's easy to get started. See how you can create your first machine learning script in Javascript.

Intro to SystemJs

I stumbled on SystemJs today. It seems very interesting to include modules using the ES6 format so I gave it a try and here are some of my findings.

The Node Event Loop

The Node event loop is the core concept behind Node's performance. Here is a little metaphor that will hopefully help you understand a little bit more about it.

Using Clusters

Node is typically single threaded, but using the cluster module, you can spin off many instances of your application.

Array methods you should be using

There are some built-in array methods that you should always be using instead of for loops to write cleaner code.

Upgrading Node with n

How to use n to manage and upgrade your current version of node.

Command Line Tools with Node

How to easily create command line tools using NodeJs.

WordPress moves to Javascript

WordPress is migrating to a Javascript interface, so what?.

Creating Node Modules

Now that you have all the pieces ready, let's publish it.

Creating Node Modules

Before we publish this module, let's add some tests to it.

My speaking goals for '16

As the year end is approaching, I am setting myself some personal speaking goals.

Creating Node Modules

Second part of the series, focusing on the package.json file generation.

Creating Node Modules

First part of a series that I plan to make on how to create and publish a node module on npm.

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